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This page contains work I have done before. Most of it is from the process of learning pixel art/game art, and some (Saren for example) for actual game projects.

I’m currently open to working on some kind of interesting project (just for fun and practice mainly), so if you want to work with me go ahead and use the contact form at the bottom of the page. I am working on a project already (Saren) but I would gladly accept the experience of working on something to diversify my skillset.

Tili (O)

A more recent look at the same concept as (T). This time I did away with isometric to better deal with the game mechanics. You can totally jump off arrows by the way. Just letting you know.

17 06 12 Screen

Tili (T)

This is a little project I started in mid 2017, a simple platformer with a nice graphical style. It’s not much of a game at this point, more of a reason to make art.

17 05 28 Example 2

17 05 28 Example

Saren (Luminant)

An example of a possible level.

16 10 23 Level Design Test

This is the current iteration of the game’s art style. This would have shading applied to it also, like the above.


This is what the original concept was like:

Saren Screenshot.jpg

After working on the overgrown pond environment concept, I took a look at this old thing I made about a month ago when I first properly started learning to do game art. I decided to work on this a bit more, and came up with some nice looking assets.

The concept for the game was just far too vague though, so I ended up classing it as just another art test.

Some runes. I quite like the shading.


Some more rune ideas, this time for walls and floors.


Some crystals. These were very low resolution, so they were really quite hard to get right. Having them in groups/clusters makes it so much better though.


These are the orthographic path sprites, some of them at least. I ended up making 18 of them in about an hour.


A few of the rock sprites I made.


This is one of the tree sprites I created for it. I quite like it, but I did have some trouble with the roots; looking back at it, the shading is off.


This is the early version of the character sprite and walk animation. I usually have a lot of trouble with animations, because unlike drawing static objects, you can’t just have the techniques and knowledge, you need experience with it.


Overgrown Pond

Seni_prototype (concept)

Something I did as a concept for a possible game involving multiplayer, isometric hack ‘n’ slash combat and trees. The effects are done by placing shader objects over the other assets. It was compiled in Construct 2 in about half an hour using assets I created over a couple of days.


Here’s what one of the assets looks like. I did this concept (which I called Overgrown Pond) over a week or so using Hyper Light Drifter as a reference. I learned a lot in the process, which was more important to me than making something that was pretty.



2side Isometric

This was mainly a test of my understanding of how 3d shapes appear in isometric. There are three colors per color set, so one for the top, one for sides, and one for indentations. I quite liked the simplicity you can get from making everything out of ‘voxels’.


This is a tree I made as a palette test. I like the trunk and the underside of the foliage. I’m used to drawing absolutely terrible trees, so this was a good start.


If you have any questions or comments feel free to comment, contact me or whatever else. If you are on the forums, you can PM me as well.  You can also use the form below (it’s a private contact system, so it won’t be posted on the blog). Please don’t be afraid that your questions or proposals might be unwanted. I welcome all input and questions, and will consider any proposal seriously.

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